Play-Based Curriculum

The children's program is planned to meet the interests and abilities of each age level as they learn through play. The varied indoor and outdoor activities encourage interest in art, music, motor development, cognitive skills, science and social relationships.

The staff at PreSchool Family believes that a play-based curriculum is the most appropriate and effective preparation for young children. Spontaneous, voluntary, self-directed play provides children with greater cognitive, physical, and social understanding of the world around them. Although it may appear to us that children are “just playing”, for children, play is the hardest work they do as they grow and develop. Teachers at PreSchool Family create an environment that supports and enhances childrens' play and instruct parents in ways to actively engage with children in the class while honoring each child's individual skills and abilities.

“Play is related to greater creativity and imagination and even to higher reading levels and IQ scores. Based on research evidence, a new equation is in order: PLAY=LEARNING.”

Einstein Never Used Flash Cards, Hirsh-Pasek and Golinkoff

“Play is at the core of children's learning. Through play, kids develop and practice their skills, learn how the world works, and build their knowledge and understanding… To be considered ‘play,’ children's activities need to be self-chosen and self-directed. Kids who are experienced and competent at play are creative, confident, self-motivated learners.”

Becoming the Parent You Want to Be, Davis and Keyser