Parent Education

Parent education is the heart of our program and we require parent participation in the preschool classrooms and at parent education adult classes. We are committed to working with parents toward the welfare of the whole family. We provide opportunities for parents to develop a sense of belonging to a larger community and to gain strength by working with each other.

The best way to understand our program is to think about it as if it were a college science course. The “lecture” part of the course is adults-only afternoon or evening parent education classes. The “lab” part of the course is the morning preschool classes, where parents attend with their children and work with the the teacher.

Parent education adult classes are held during class, in the evening or during the afternoon following a morning class. The parent education adult class meetings give parents a chance to understand and know more about their relationship with their children. Parent education classes are held two, three, or four times a month and are taught through lecture, discussion and observation of children. Parent education classes are for adults only; children do not attend this portion of the program.

Parents are an integral part of children's experiences at PreSchool Family. Through their work as teacher aides in the morning preschool classrooms, parents learn child development, strengthen relationships with their own children, and become part of the community for other children in the class. Parents are required to participate one morning a week in their child's class.